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Marilie Reilly has worked as an interior designer for the past 15 years. She currently resides in California, USA. She now works from home the majority of the time. She started by writing a knowledge-sharing blog about setting up a home office based on three criteria: functionality, aesthetics, and space optimization.

Homeofficetrend.com provides you with the latest news, shopping tips, and valuable recommendations on home office setup, office accessories, and furniture.

Our team works very hard to update information and give value to readers. We work in the office field, including experts, reviewers, bloggers, and others who know very well about the workplace at home.

We deeply understand that users need a trustable and reliable source to get suggestions about the most high-end quality office products.

We may be different in individual characteristics and hobbies, but we all have the same goal, sharing our positive contributions to bring the best advice for the readers we serve.

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We believe that together we can change the world.