Figure Out The Benefits Of Natural Light In The Workplace

Some of you may think natural light can replace artificial sources. It can improve mood, increase productivity, provide a good condition for health, etc. So, are they all true? Let’s scroll down to know more about the benefits of natural lights in the workplace!

Benefits Of Natural Light In The Workplace 

benefits of natural light in the workplace

A workplace with much natural illumination

Healthy For Eyes

Office workers who often face the computer are prone to eyestrain; this negative effect comes from the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). When they focus on the illumination from computers and other artificial sources, their eyes quickly feel tired.

Based on research by Alan Hedge, a professor at Cornell University, in 2017, the office workers reduced 51% of eyestrain by using natural illumination.

When having it in the office, the workers can avoid these bad symptoms such as weep, pain behind the eyes, uncomfortable feeling to see, etc. 

As a result, you can sleep well at night by not having these symptoms during work. A study from Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine showed that the workers could sleep longer and consistently if working in a place with more natural light. 

Absorb Vitamin D Better

Having natural light in the workplace means that your skin can absorb vitamin D better. 

Improve Bone Health

This vitamin helps you prevent bone loss. It effectively increases the absorption of phosphorus and calcium; these minerals are good at keeping your bone strength and reducing osteoporosis.

Cancer Reduction

It can reduce the risks of cancer or cardiovascular disease. A study in 2019 from The New England Journal of Medicine has shown that people with enough Vitamin D intake can decrease the death rate by up to 25%. 

Boost Up Your Immunity

Vitamin D boosts your immunity. You can always feel energized whenever you wake up and easily ward off various viruses and infections. 

Improve Mood Of Working

Exposure to natural light can improve your mood. The science behind is similar to the thoughts of shorter days and darker evenings for the season. 

It affects our brain’s hypothalamus and stimulates the production of serotonin. This chemical is important to modify the mood, keep concentration, and increase our productivity. 

A Workplace Wellness study has shown that more than 35% of employees often lose an hour to control their emotions for concentration. That is why most people try to add more natural light in the workplace.

If your place does not have natural illumination, you may have more stress and depression. Some people find it difficult to work because of feeling forced to do so. 

Reducing The Facilities Cost

When the natural light power is at its peak in the morning, you will not need to turn the artificial source on. This application is only for the office designed with many windows; the light can shine in every workplace corner. In the long run, it can save your electric bills a lot.  

You can save the facilities cost by taking its advantages. For example, if your office only operates in the morning, you may need some facilities to support the illumination. Make sure that the equipment is enough for emergencies or whenever bad weather happens. 

More Focus For Productivity

With all the benefits above, office workers will focus more on the tasks. They feel more alert, pop up new ideas, solve issues faster, group work more efficiently, etc. 

A study by the California Energy Commission in 2003 has proved that the employees had highly concentrated and recalled their short-term memories better. The combination of serotonin (internal factor for the brain) and visionary effect (external factor for the eyes) is the best solution to improve worker productivity. 


Does Natural Light Help You Focus?

Yes, it does. It brings a visionary effect that makes you more agile and flexible in observation. It allows you to focus on tasks and solve them as quickly as possible. 

You may feel motivated and focused on things by enhancing your mood without realizing the time passed over. So, you should choose a place next to the window to focus more on the tasks. 

Especially, you should know how to light a home office naturally. It helps a lot with a difficult-to-focus environment like home. 

However, exposure to sunlight and the hot temperature can prevent you from concentrating. You should only do that in the morning to get maximum benefits of natural light in the workplace

Do You Look Better In Natural Light?

You can easily compare to get a better effect between natural and artificial light; the natural one brings you a better outlook. 

It keeps your face brighter naturally and more attractive. If you have an online meeting or have a date, you should choose a place with much natural light. 

Moreover, it can help you hide your imperfections and show your strengths.

Does Natural Light Make You Happier?

Yes, it does. The serotonin in our brain helps us positively control emotion. You always feel more energetic, happy, and motivated to do tasks or communicate with others when exposed to natural light. 

The more sunlight, the more serotonin your brain produces to be happier. So, if you feel depressed from working, you should try changing your workplace. As you feel happy, you can easily focus on working and creating much value for yourself and your community. 


Now you may understand the benefits of natural light in the workplace. It can help you improve your health, especially your eye and bone health. In the long run, these advantages increase your working performance. 

Hopefully, our article helps you realize its benefits to create the ideal working environment.

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