The Best Design Tips For Home Office Setup For Two

Working from home is a growing trend, but it’s not for everyone. Finding the perfect balance of work and family time can be difficult when you spend so much time in your own space.  However, there are plenty of ways to have an efficient home office setup for two by considering how many hours each person will typically work at their desk per week and what equipment they need. 

If you want to make a work-from-home office setup, you are on the right track! This blog post will cover everything you need to create your makeshift workspace for couples at home.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider In Designing A Shared Home Office Setup For Two?

You must consider the following factors to make your home office space for two a successful venture.

  • Each individual’s sense of privacy.
  • Breaks can be taken in shared spaces.
  • Depending on your preferences, proximity to air conditioners, heat, or fans.
  • Light sources: A person’s mood will depend on the color and brightness of their surroundings. Some may thrive in a dark environment, while others prefer natural lighting at all times to feel like they’re living life fully every day.
  • Wall space: You must decide whether facing into an open space is more comfortable. Are you someone who wants their back against the wall, or would a corner work better for your preferences?

How To Have An Efficient Home Office Setup For Two?

Finding The Right Space

Your home office is the heart of your house, but not just any space will do. It needs to be serene and tranquil so that you can get work done easily without distractions from kids or other loved ones around, especially if they’re young children.

The perfect place for a small home workspace for two would probably be a corner, which provides privacy when needed. You can work on either side of this corner, and it’s easy because there isn’t any wasted space between them.

Understanding Needs

Creating an office that is both private and collaborative can be difficult in cramped quarters. One person might need more desk space while the other desires privacy for calls, so using glass partitions between sections could work well if you’re looking into tiny home offices with limited floor plan options.

  • For Small Spaces, Use The “L” Configuration.

An L-shaped desk is the best option if you have a small home office. This setup provides space for one person and maximizes space for other things like computer peripherals or shared wireless printers.

  • For A Sense Of Privacy, Use The “T” configuration.

A shared home office design with a T configuration (a Tetris block!) is your best bet when you want to create the illusion of two separate offices in one. This layout creates separation by placing furniture and decorations along with dividers that can be raised or lowered depending on need – the subtle ability does wonders.

Include Various Choices To Sit

If you want to make a cozy office at home, look for places that can be used as sitting spots and get creative with what they’re made out of. Small couches or loveseats work well in the corner, while big bean bag chairs comfort more complex surfaces like concrete floors. This furnishing will inspire anyone who needs some time off from their desk job.

Consider a blow-up chair or one of these hanging chairs when you need more space. But what about at home? A hammock at home would be perfect.

Repurposing Into A Multi-Function Shared Office

Home offices can be more than just a place to sit during the workday. They’re also great for group meetings, like study groups and clubs. Repurpose your extra room as a home office by using it in these various capacities with family members or friends who need some space of their own to work on different projects or purposes.

Imagine the possibilities! A home office can be where you spend time with your family, work on group projects, or practice for presentations.

Include Overhead And Task Lighting

There’s nothing worse than trying to work in an office with bad lighting. It makes you feel uncomfortable, and there’s a high probability that any task will take longer because of how difficult it is for your eyesight. This can lead to lowered productivity levels from decreased cognitive function, among other things. 

To avoid this problem, consider purchasing multiple types of lights, including recessed overhead fixtures and task lamps. As a result, every corner has bright enough illumination without being too harsh on people with sensitive eyes. 

Install Creative Shelving With Room For Two 

One of the best home office ideas for two is to add plenty of shelving, which functions as an eye-catching decorative element and storage. Choose floating shelves or large modules that can be customized with different heights. This will allow each person’s work supplies, documents, and personal touches.

Keep A Clean And Minimal Style 

If you find your office too cramped and cluttered, consider not overdoing it with nonessential furniture. Style is also an important consideration when hiding the mess of clutter; use a stylish organization like shelving or baskets for items that don’t fit elsewhere. 

Remember to include at least one trash can to keep things clean and neat-looking all day long.

Use The Walls For More Than Shelving 

Create a functional and aesthetic space with these ideas for hanging artwork on the walls. There are plenty of options, from chalkboards to whiteboards. They’re perfect if you need something simple but useful.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Home Office In 2021?

For a basic home office, you can get started for as little as $200. Still, when we factor in what is reasonable and realistic to have an effective workspace with supplies from scratch – say up through the range of $500-$800. It will depend on how much your budget allows.

How Long Should A 2 Person Desk Be?

A couple needs a desk that can accommodate both of them. The desks need to be at least 50 inches wide and 70 or so long for comfortable use by two people.

How Do I Set Up A Home Office For Two In My Bedroom?

If you wish to set up a home office for couples, follow these guidelines:

  1. Have a desk that faces outwards. It’s a good idea to position your workstation towards a wall or window.
  2. Make sure the chair is comfortable.
  3. Distinguish the zones.
  4. Consider furniture that may be used for multiple purposes. 
  5. Put it away in a closet.
  6. Make the decor match.
  7. Make use of a Murphy bed.
  8. Make that you have enough space.

Final Thoughts 

To have a great work-home balance, you need an efficient working space at both locations! Whether it’s your bedroom or the other end of your house – if you want to be able to get things done from either location, then creating a shared workspace is key. 

We hope to provide enough information about the home office setup for two and make that space as productive as possible.

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