Lighting For Video Conferencing At Home: Top 5 Best Solutions

Video conferencing is now part and parcel of your job at home and won’t likely go away any time soon. While your webcam does a decent job of showing you quite clearly on the screen, poor lighting can ruin everything. Here are some tweaks for lighting for video conferencing at home so you can always appear sharp and professional on every call! 

Lighting For Video Conferencing At Home

Lighting For Video Conferencing At Home

Sit Face A Window

Natural light is the best source to illuminate yourself during a meeting call. If used properly, natural light can give your face a more realistic color and a flattering light for the whole video. 

Suppose you are sitting beneath a window; position yourself facing the window to take advantage of natural light. Never sit with a window behind your back, as doing so will throw off the lighting and leave you backlit by the window light.

Depending on the times of the day, if the light is too intense and overwhelming, you can use sheer curtains to soften the light entering your room.

LED Light Bulbs

Switching your regular lights with LED light bulbs is one of the most affordable ways to light up your room for video calling. These light bulbs help introduce brightness and warmth into the room. They are not too harsh so that you can avoid that vampire, washed-out look on calls. 

Keep in mind to check the color rendering index (CRI) when looking for an LED bulb. This index indicates the color accuracy of the bulb, and the higher it is, the better the bulb can mimic natural light. 

You may want to choose LED bulbs with CRI close to 100, so they can show the true color of your face, clothes, and other objects in the room. However, low CRI lights can be beneficial for people with imperfections on face skin, as the light can mask them easier, which helps to boost confidence. 

Ring Lights

Ring lights have long been a staple for YouTubers, Tiktokers, Twitch experts, and photographers. They make your light look smooth and illuminated and amp up the video quality effortlessly. 

It is worth noting that ring light can reflect in your eyes and glasses and cause annoying glare. You should spread the light out by not placing it too close to your face. Also, the ring light should sit slightly above you or off to the side for better lighting. 

Desk Lamps

You can place a desk lamp, best with an LED bulb off to your side to illuminate your face. 

The best lamp for video conferencing should be adjustable (for adjusting it to the most flattering angle) and dimmable (for controlling the amount of light). With these two features, you are likely to solve almost any light problems you might face.

The light for video calling should be soft and diffused for a more appealing look on the video. You can achieve this by using a shade for your lamp. 

Alternatively, try pointing it toward the walls so the light can bounce back and create a larger light source than when the lamp is faced directly towards you. 

LED Panel Lights

Panel lights are made up of several LED beads and come with adjustable brightness and color temperature to suit your room conditions. There are also suction cups or attached arms so that these panels can be mounted on the wall or clipped to the laptop in seconds. 

How To Light A Home Office For Video Conferencing

How you set up your light fixtures goes a long way to making sure you can make the most out of all the light sources. You may want to use 3-point lighting, which is a gold standard in photography and video production. 

Don’t stress out since it is incredibly simple in terms of concept and implementation. 3-point lighting consists of key light, fill light, and backlight, which form a triangle. 

The key light shines directly upon the subject (you); the fill light illuminates from a side angle relative to the key light. The backlight from behind separates you from the background and adds extra depth to the picture.

To experiment with this concept, you could attach a ring light to the computer as the key light and two LED panel lights as the fill light and backlight.


What Size Ring Light Is Best For Video Conferencing?

Common sizes for ring lights are 12, 14, and 18 inches, all of which work well to improve the lighting for video conferencing. If your budget permits, choose a larger size for it provides more light and flexibility in use.

Should Light Be In Front Or Behind For Zoom?

The main light source should always be in front of you. As mentioned, you can use natural light from windows, ring lights, or desk lamps as the primary source. Light coming from behind might accidentally leave you silhouetted. 

What Is The Most Flattering Light For Zoom Meetings?

Natural light is considered the best source for Zoom calls or Google Meetings videos. A well-lit room by natural light can help your face look illuminated and crisp in the video without appearing too warm or cold as other artificial light sources. 


With a host of conference calls bombarding you every week, you might not always have time to pay attention to lighting details.

Invest in proper lighting for video conferencing at home once and for all, and you will never rush to adjust the lights before every call. Optimal lighting goes a long way to help you look your business best and pays off itself in the long run.

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