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Small office guest room ideas can be a tricky thing to come up with. They don’t need to be extravagant, but they do need to make guests feel welcome and at home. A few simple changes can turn an unused space into a welcoming area that is easy for your guests to use and enjoy while visiting you. Scroll down for some good suggestions to decorate this space!

Small Office Guest Room Ideas: How To Make An Inviting, Usable Space 

Here are some ultimate work from home office setup ideas!

1. Make It Warm And Inviting

If you’re looking for a home and workspace, an office-cum guest room is perfect. Yet, keep in mind that: don’t make either one of them too much! The key to balancing these two worlds lies in finding the right balance – just like how everything has its sweet spot regarding design ideas or style preferences.

You don’t need to make your home feels like a hospital room with throw pillows and homemade quilts. Just ensure that it’s welcoming, warm for guests’ comfort but not in an overbearing way that will distract your focus.

With all the flexibility and independence that come with working from home, it’s easy to lose focus. Your office space should inspire the best work ethic or motivation to complete tasks at higher performance levels. 

The personal touches can help to achieve this goal! Wall art and paint colors can make the comfortable space feel unique, rather than a typical hotel room. 

Nevertheless, the colors and decoration of the room can have a huge impact on how we feel. For example, you might enjoy working on purple room walls; yet, will your guests be able to sleep there? It’s likely not! 

Before settling for any color and decoration just because they look nice or match what’s already around, try to consider the demand of the person who would spend time there most!

2. Opt For A Small Bed

As you want all the furniture in this room to be as compact as possible, you’ll want a bed that can be tucked away when needed, such as a stylish daybed or Murphy bed! 

More specifically, these beds can be pushed back into the walls when you need more desk space and pulled out anytime for guests who may stay over at any given time – just make sure all cords are tucked in neatly!

Your office doesn’t have to be a stiff place. With so many different options, you’ll never feel bored of the same old desk chair again! Opt for a sofa, as it can be a comfortable bed for overnight visitors or when you want to have a break after hours of working hard!

A sofa bed is a great alternative to a full bed for any guest room, no matter how you plan to use it. With the couch in place of your primary bed and space left over, guests can enjoy sitting around chatting or reading while they’re here!

3. Choose a Low-Profile Desk

A dual-purpose workspace requires a desk that’s both functional and stylish. For example, a large and glass top desk with an oversized chair will create the impression of a company office, not a home office. 

Therefore, you’ll want a good combination of chairs and desks in order to create the perfect home office. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a compact, streamlined desk with enough room to fit your laptop and any other tech devices needed to complete work efficiently throughout the day. 
  2. Opt for a comfortable chair.
  3. A rolling desk is also a good option, as you can tuff the workspace quickly into a closet or corner.

4. Organize With Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to create more usable space in your office or guest room. With this design idea, you can easily tuck away any items on your desk into the basket and put them on your shelf.

5. Don’t Overcrowd The Room

For a more inviting guest room space, equip the room with visually pleasing containers and leave enough room on the shelves. 

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function. The right furniture can make your home feel warmer, cozier, and more inviting than clutter! Trust us, go for a single bookshelf instead of three file cabinets. The room’s storage capacity would still be the same, but with a more welcoming feel!

6. Choose The Right Lighting

The overhead lighting is ideal in traditional offices, but not for a guest room. In detail, fluorescent lights can be too bright and harsh on your eyes when there are no windows nearby to diffuse their light throughout the entire space.

Don’t forget to include a table lamp beside the bed or couch. This will help guests get more rest and not be irritated by bright bulbs late at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Every Guest Room Have?

For a comfortable stay, here are ten items every guest room needs:

  1. Spacious room with luggage and clothing closet 
  2. A cozy bed with enough bed covers and pillows 
  3. A small table with a reading light next to the bed
  4. Wastebasket
  5. Power outlets 
  6. Basic toiletries and towels
  7. Drinking glasses or water bottles
  8. Remote instructions & TV channel guide
  9. A mirror 
  10. A nightlight

How Do I Make My Guest Room Comfortable?

When you’re welcoming house guests, something is satisfying about helping them feel welcome and comfortable. It makes the experience much more enjoyable for yourself in return!

  • Upgrade the Bedding
  • Provide a cozy bed
  • Clean your decks
  • Offers extra linens
  • Brighten the space with enough lighting
  • Enough space to seat 
  • Provide privacy
  • Clean your closet
  • Give them an Inside Scoop

What Makes A Guest Room Cozy?

For a cozy space during cool months, consider adding coverlets and soft throws to the beds or extra blankets. Placing portable heaters will also help create an ideal space for visitors!

Bring ceiling fans or portable fans to keep your guests cool in the summer. Remember to adjust your thermostat so that guests are comfortable no matter where they sleep!

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to create an inviting and usable guest room, but it all starts with small office guest room ideas like good lighting, compact furniture,  easy access to water and power outlets, and good space arrangement. You can add other small touches like comfy seating or an entertainment center for your guests’ convenience. 

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